TSOP - Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2015 Meeting
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Traditional sailing vessels in a Javanese port (© Tim A. Moore, 2009)
Traditional sailing vessels in a Javanese port (© Tim A. Moore, 2009)
The TSOP 2015 Annual Meeting, On the Edge: Hydrocarbons in the Tropics, will be held from Sunday, the 20th of September to Wednesday, the 23rd of September 2015 in the historic city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. A post-conference field trip to the Mahakam River Delta will be held from the 24th to the 26th of September. See the meeting website http://tsop2015.ugm.ac.id for more information.

TSOP - Sydney, Australia, 2014 Meeting

The abstracts volume for the TSOP 2014 Annual Meeting, Organic Matter Down Under II, is now available for download in the members-only section. The meeting web site has other information at http://wp.csiro.au/tsop2014/92-2/ .

September Newsletter Now Available

Our September issue is now available on the Newsletter page (an updated version was placed on the web site on 10 September). It contains notices of four graduate students receiving Spackman Awards; notice of the death of Prof. Boris Alpern in August; an increase in dues for those receiving the Newsletter in printed form; news from ASTM; final updates for the September 2014 Sydney meeting, including a list of papers; announcement of next year's TSOP meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 19-26 September 2015; an illustrated review of coke petrography; report from the 2014 Ohio Valley Petrographers Meeting; and other coal petrology news. The December issue will soon be in preparation. Please provide any materials for publication in the next Newsletter to Editor Rachel Walker by December 5, 2014.

In Memoriam: William Spackman, 1919 - 2014

We are saddened by the news that Professor William Spackman, TSOP's first President elected by the membership, passed away in North Carolina, USA, on March 13, 2014. Dr. Spackman founded the Coal Research Section at Penn State and participated, with his many students, in a wide variety of coal petrology research. Among many other awards, he received ICCP's Theissen Medal, AIST's Becker Award, GSA Coal Division's Cady Award, TSOP's Honorary Membership (in the first year it was awarded, later the Castaño Award), and was honored with the naming of the Spackman Award, TSOP's graduate student reserach grant. In addition to TSOP, he was active in the North American Coal Petrographers group (prior to TSOP's founding) and the International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology, and was the founding editor of the International Journal of Coal Geology. See more at:
TSOP Newsletter June 2014 (PDF; pages 9-10)
The Spackman Award
Obituary at legacy.com

In Memoriam: Aureal T. Cross, 1916 - 2013

We are saddened to report that Professor Aureal T. Cross passed away in East Lansing, Michigan, on December 1st, 2013. Prof. Cross was a widely known figure in the world of organic petrology and will be greatly missed. In 2005, he was awarded TSOP's John Castaño Honorary Membership Award for his significant contributions to teaching, coal geology, and paleobotany. Further articles about Aureal T. Cross and his life can be found at the following links:
TSOP Newsletter 30:4, p. 11-12
Michigan State University Memoriam to Aureal T. Cross
Canadian Association of Palynologists: Conversations with Aureal T. Cross

In Memoriam: Duncan G. Murchison

In November, we received the sad news that Duncan Murchison, 2002 recipient of TSOP's John Castaño Honorary Membership Award, had died. He founded the Organic Geochemistry and Coal Petrology Research Unit of the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK; many of his students there have become active members of TSOP. He was a Fellow of the Royal Society of London, one of the stalwarts of the ICCP, and formerly Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Watch this web site and the TSOP Newsletter for memorials.

Literature References Updated

The Reference lists were updated in November, 2014. One new list, Sequestration in Shales, was added. Conversion of the references added since 2009 to EndNote format is planned.

TSOP on Facebook

A Facebook page for TSOP has been created by former Secretary Jackie Holt. All are invited to "like" the page and participate; a link is now on the TSOP pages' menu bar.

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a Society for scientists and engineers involved with coal petrology, kerogen petrology, organic geochemistry and related disciplines. We have over 200 members in 30 countries. If you are part of the organic petrology community, we invite you to join TSOP.

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TSOP Members! Set up your account in our members-only section (with the user ID which you received in e-mail) to check your membership data, use the new Membership Directory, and more. Members don't need an account to pay dues online.

TSOP Provides Graduate Student Grants

The Spackman Award supports graduate student research in organic petrology. Applications for the 2014 award must be postmarked, faxed or e-mailed by May 19, 2014.

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Volunteers are wanted, for example to work with image galleries, administer sections on links, the calendar, and others. Please contact the webmaster.

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TSOP: 501(c)(3) status in the U.S.

We incorporated as a non-profit in the state of Virginia, USA, in 2008. Following application in June, 2009, the US Internal Revenue Service granted recognition of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status on February 9, 2010. See the article on page 6 of the March Newsletter.

Other organizations of organic petrologists include ICCP and CSCOP.

Elsevier's International Journal of Coal Geology publishes the proceedings of TSOP Annual Meetings.

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