Deadline for the TSOP 2024 in Mongolia: April 30, 2024

The Colin Ward Emerging Student Researcher Award is designed to support a PhD students’ first attendance at the annual TSOP meeting. The award also is designed to integrate the PhD student into the TSOP community.

The Award is open to PhD students in the field of organic petrology who never attended the TSOP meeting. The priority will be given to students who are early in their research, and reside in countries with low TSOP membership. Making a presentation (oral or poster) at the TSOP meeting is optional.

Note: if you are a master student or you have attended TSOP meeting before please apply for the TSOP Student Travel Award.

The award is funded by Kathie Ward and named after Colin Ward (1945-2018) in recognition of his outstanding academic and research career, contributions to coal science, and service to TSOP. One (1) monetary award of $700 (US) will be granted each year. Money will be sent to the awardee (by PayPal or Western Union) before the TSOP Annual Meeting or provided during the TSOP General Luncheon at the meeting along with a commemorative plaque.
The award also includes a ‘meeting mentor’ to help integrate the student into the TSOP community. The appointed meeting mentor is a long-time TSOP member who will serve as the social liaison for the awardee during the meeting experience. Please note: If an awardee requires a visa to travel to the host country of the Annual Meeting, then before transferring the money, the student will have to submit to TSOP a proof of a travel visa.

Monetary awards are to be applied to expenses directly related to travel to attend a TSOP Annual Meeting. Funds should not be used to fund research, purchase capital equipment, to pay salaries, tuition, room, or board during the school year. Students receiving the award will be required to provide receipts detailing travel spending to TSOP after the meeting has concluded.

After the meeting has concluded the student will also be required to submit a short article to the TSOP newsletter about their experience attending the TSOP meeting. Please note: If you received the Ward Award and are unable to travel to the conference the award money have to be returned to TSOP.

Completed applications must be e-mailed by April 30, 2024 to David French.

Completed applications should include:

Filled out Application Form (download below) that includes essay of how attending a TSOP meeting will benefit student's research.

Letter of support from student's primary faculty advisor (attach as separate document).

Applications will be reviewed and ranked by a committee of three TSOP members. The priority will be given to students who are early in their research, and reside in countries with low TSOP membership.

After downloading the application form becomes fully fillable.