Atlas of Coal Geology
A CD-ROM produced by TSOP and AAPG-EMD

US$39 for TSOP and AAPG members
US$52 for nonmembers
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The Atlas of Coal Geology CD-ROM is designed as a combination reference and learning resource for novice- through expert-level geoscientists in the energy industry and academia. This publication is the first in over 30 years to fully and pictorially cover the topic of coal geology in all its aspects: coal deposition and sedimentary environments, structural geology, coal components, coal petrology, environmental aspects, and coal utilization (coal mining and coalbed methane). The Atlas contains over 660 color (primarily) and black-and-white digital pictures pertaining to these many aspects of coal geology.

All text and pictures on the CD-ROM can be searched by key words in an index or through the Table of Contents. All pictures and text (background text and captions) can be printed or downloaded for reproduction for reference, presentation, and teaching purposes.

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Atlas of Coal Geology are contained on a single CD-ROM and emphasize coal geology and coal petrology, respectively. The coal geology volume includes 393 images relating to megascopic coal geology, exploration, mining, and coalbed methane (CBM). The coal petrology volume includes 275 sets of images pertaining to microscopic examination of coals, including macerals and minerals in coals. All pictures are fully captioned! Supporting and background text exceeds the equivalent of 200 printed pages!! Reference lists are included to allow you to find additional information.

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